Body Parts of Insects for Kids

Written by guy yosub
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Body Parts of Insects for Kids
Insects all have the same type of body parts. (vigilant insect image by Przemyslaw Jankowski from

A large number of creatures fall into the "Insecta" class of the animal kingdom. We commonly call them "insects." That means that even though many insects may look different they all share characteristics that make them very similar. Mainly what makes certain creatures "insects" is their body type and, more specifically, body parts. All insects have three body parts: head, thorax and abdomen.


The head of an insect is where its mouth and eyes are located. Unlike humans, insects can have more than two eyes, but they too use their eyes to see the world. Insect mouths are also different than human mouths, but they also use it to eat. Insects also have antennae on their heads. Insects use antennae to feel their way around the world. Antennae differ from insect to insect but they all have them, and they all have them on their head.

Body Parts of Insects for Kids
The head has eyes, a mouth and antennae. (insect image by Marek Kosmal from


The thorax is the middle part of the insect and it's where the legs are attached. A defining characteristic of insects is that they have six legs, three pairs of two that attach at the thorax. If a creature has more than six legs it is not an insect. That's why spiders aren't insects. They have eight legs. If an insect can fly, its wings are attached at the thorax as well.

Body Parts of Insects for Kids
All insects have six legs. (Insect image by Czintos Ã--dön from


The abdomen may look like the most boring body part, but it is where most of the internal functions of insects take place. The respiratory, digestive and reproductive functions are in the abdomen. That means that they breathe, digest and reproduce because of it. Insects breathe through small openings in their abdomen. After they eat, the food goes to their abdomen. When they lay eggs, it is also through their abdomen. It might look plain, but there's a lot going on inside the abdomen.

Body Parts of Insects for Kids
Insects breathe through their abdomens. (Insect image by shaR1k from

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