Farm Theme Art Activities for Preschoolers

Written by mary davis
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Farm Theme Art Activities for Preschoolers
Farm themes help preschoolers experience a variety of concepts. (Tractor y Granja en Leon image by Mr.Papeete from

Farms are always a popular theme for preschool art activities in the classroom or home of young children. Preschoolers can learn many of the aspects of farming through a variety of creative activities. Creating arts is a learning experience in itself, as preschoolers develop and enhance their cutting and drawing skills, language, and comprehension.

Barn Puppet Theater

For each preschooler, cut the bottom from a shoebox, leaving about an inch around the edges. Cover the outside of the entire box with red paper, barn-siding printed paper or wallpaper samples. Show children how to set the barn on a side to have both open spaces for a puppet stage.

Have preschoolers practice their scissors skills by cutting out farm theme pictures from magazines. Tape a craft stick to the bottom of each picture. Children can use their puppet theatres while listening to a farm-related book, or they can use their imaginations to improvise their own dramatic production.

Farm Theme Art Activities for Preschoolers
Some animals go into a barn on the farm. (barn 8 image by michael langley from

Fenced-in Animals

Create a farm art picture from construction paper and cookie cutter prints. Children should dip farm-themed cookie cutters into a shallow layer of paint. Press the cutters onto construction paper to make a print. Let children use their imaginations to create a farm scene with the various cutter prints. Glue craft sticks to form a fence along the bottom portion of the paper.

Farm Wagon and Tractor

A tractor and wagon enhance the farm theme for preschoolers. Use two aluminium foil mini loaf pans for each child. Turn one pan upside down for a tractor, and leave the other one open-end up, for a wagon. Cut wheels from construction paper and glue four onto the tractor and four onto the wagon at the bottom edges. Cut and glue other tractor enhancements as desired. Glue some pieces of straw into the bottom of the "wagon."

Farm Theme Art Activities for Preschoolers
A tractor and wagon help move heavy things on a farm. (tractor - vintage image by Jeffrey Zalesny from

Milk Jug Cow

Farm art using milk jugs helps teach preschoolers where milk comes from. Use a half or whole gallon plastic milk jug for each cow. Preschoolers may use construction paper or paint to create their cows. The cow needs a face, ears, a tail, and some black or brown spots.

Farm Theme Art Activities for Preschoolers
Preschoolers can learn where milk comes from with a cow art project. (Cow image by Jouke from

Bag of Oats

Teach preschoolers that some farm animals eat oats. Put some dry oatmeal into a clear plastic zipper bag for each child's art. Add water, small amounts at a time, to each bag. Let preschoolers work the mixture until it becomes a good consistency to squish around inside the bag. Close the bags, then seal with tape to hold securely. Children may squeeze, squish, write, or draw on the bags of oats.

Tails Game Block

Give each child a small box or a large wooden block, about four inches square. Have children create the backside of each of four animals, using construction paper for a base. Use black or brown for a horse, white or brown for a cow, pink for a pig, and white for a chicken. Use a few strands of yarn for a horse tail, a piece of twine with the bottom end frayed for a cow tail, a twisted pink chenille stem for a pig tail, and a feather for a chicken tail. Glue or tape each tail onto the matching background.

The farm art can become a game. Have children toss a block carefully onto a table or the floor. Whichever tail is on the top of the block, the child will make that animal's sound. If a child gets one of the two blank ends, they may roll the block again.

Farm Theme Art Activities for Preschoolers
Make an animal tail activity block for a game. (horse image by Martin Garnham from

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