Chairman Duties

Updated April 17, 2017

The chairman is the presiding officer of an assembly, meeting, committee or board. She calls the event to order and ensures the event is handled in a timely manner. Chairman duties exist in a variety of industries, including health care and education. Salaries vary for an individual serving as a chairman. According to 2010 estimates, yearly salaries for chairmen range from £49,365 to £157,750. Educational requirements also vary by industry.


The chairman makes yearly plans for the committee or board. He establishes a plan of action for work or other related issues to any given committee or board. He includes scheduling for meetings or training and collaborates with other members to develop ideas.


Recruiting or voting in members is another chairman duty. She scouts for potential recruits and holds a recruiting meeting or seminar. Recruits are able to bring some type of expertise or knowledge to the board or committee, allowing it to flourish in all ventures and plans.


Training courses are established and implemented by the chairman. He trains new committee or board members in general rules and regulations of the board or committee, including training new members in the details of how procedures and policies are carried out for the particular organisation.

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