Grants for purchasing farm land

Updated December 15, 2016

There are grants available for the purchase of farm land. Grants can be used to construct and renovate facilities and housing for the use of farm workers. The money can also be used to expand and conserve land for farm use or to set up programs to help farmers acquire land. Applicants for these grants must satisfy the requirements set by the funding program. Recipients will not have to repay the grants but may be required to match a percentage of the award amount.

Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants

The Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants program provides farm owners with funds to provide housing for their farm labourers. Sponsored by the Department of Agriculture, these grants can be used to acquire land, construct, repair or purchase housing for seasonal and year-long farm workers. Grants can also be used to construct facilities such as day care centres, laundromats and dining areas. These facilities are only available to farm labourers that are permanent or US residents and who earn a substantial amount of their income from farming. Eligible applicants include states agencies, private and public non-profit organisations. Individual applicants that show a severe necessity for this grant will also be eligible. Ten per cent of the grant amount must be matched by the recipients.

Multi-Family Housing Processing Division Rural Housing Service Department of Agriculture Washington, DC 20250 202-720-1604

Farmland Protection Program

The Department of Agriculture sponsors a program to will help conserve farms and ranches from being used for non-agricultural uses. The Farmland Protection Program, in partnership with government and tribal agencies, will fund the acquisition of easements. The maximum market share of the federal government is 50. A conservation plan is required for highly erodible land. Eligible applicants include states, local and tribal agencies, Recipients must match at least 25 per cent of the grant and they are required to fund their own administrative costs in acquiring easements.

Robert Glennon Easement Programs Division Natural Resources Conservation Service Department of Agriculture P.O. Box 2890 Washington, DC 20013 202-720-9476

Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Development Program

The Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Development Program provides grants to help address the needs of new farmers and ranchers. These grants will provide initiatives such as training, education, technical and outreach assistance to new farmers and ranchers. These grants will also provide support by assisting in the acquirement of farms from retiring farm owners, model land leasing contracts and conservation assistance. State, local and tribal entities, colleges and universities and public and private non-profit organisations can apply for this grant. Recipients are required to match 25 per cent of the grant amount.

USDA NIFA National Program Leader 1400 Independence Avenue SW STOP 2215 or STOP 2240 Washington, DC 20024 202-690-3162

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