What are the duties of a maintenance man?

Updated April 17, 2017

A maintenance man needs to be an all-round handy man capable of fixing problems ranging from simple to complex. From replacing light-bulbs to keeping rabbits out of the garden to cleaning gutters, this job entails doing whatever it takes for the maintenance of the area or building that is his responsibility.


The maintenance man may be required to keep up outdoor areas. This involves keeping buildings' drains and gutters clean, sweeping any patios and concrete areas, ridding the grounds of trash, making sure electrical wires outside are not a fire hazard, caring for the lawn and, in some cases, delegating responsibilities to other workers. The maintenance man might also be required to trim trees and shrubs and water flowers or gardens. He checks the perimeters of the buildings for structural damage, water damage, chipped paint and other problems. If the exterior of the building needs touch-up painting, the maintenance man can do that. He needs to make sure all machinery is working safely.


The maintenance man may be required to deal with electrical problems, such as repairing or replacing broken lighting or fans. The job also includes replacing door hinges, changing light bulbs, fixing leaky or broken taps, assembling and moving furniture, and repairing heating and air conditioning problems. Some janitorial duties might be a part of this job, as would fixing or replacing broken windows and glass doors.


Some maintenance men are in charge of making sure the grounds have the required supplies to run efficiently. They keep an inventory and checklist of supplies for outdoor and indoor facilities such as bathroom supplies, tools and nails, wires and electrical tape, spare parts, paint and brushes, cleaning supplies and more.

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