Cool Ways to Replace Wardrobe Doors

Updated February 21, 2017

An old wardrobe can take on a cool new look with an update to the doors. Step outside the box to add style and colour by using unusual materials and artistic touches. Wardrobe doors are usually easy to replace, most sit on the outside of unit and are attached by simple hinges.

Glass Mosaic

To make glass mosaic door inserts, start with a piece of clear acrylic cut to size and mounted to a frame made of decorative moulding. Attach the hinges before you start on the artwork.

You can buy coloured glass at a stained glass store. Use a glass cutter to cut coloured glass into small shapes. Create your design on paper and tape it to the back of the acrylic so you can easily fill the colour areas with glass pieces. Using a paste-type glue that dries clear, like Omni-gel or Weldbond, paint a glue area in a corner and start placing glass pieces, working your way across and down until the entire surface is completely filled and there are no large gaps between the glass. There should be a little room between pieces for grouting. Let your mosaic dry for at least 24 hours before finishing.

Grouting is messy. Cover the frame with masking tape before you start, and protect your work surface. Use any kind of grout in any colour, but mix it in a disposable container, with a disposable mixer. When the grout is ready, slop it onto the mosaic and spread it all over, filling all the cracks. It will cover the glass, but you are going to wipe it off in a few minutes. After 5 minutes or so, wipe the grout off the surface with paper towels, either damp or dry, whatever works best for you. Let the grout dry, remove the masking tape and attach your creation to the wardrobe. To really show it off, stick some little closet lights inside the wardrobe.

Notice Board

Cut, sand and stain a piece of wood to use as a base and then cover with cork tiles. Frame with moulding and personalise with pictures, notes and decorative touches.

Fold-Out Table

Instead of conventional doors, mount the hinges at the bottom of the doors and add latches to the top for a drop-down table. Support with fold-out legs attached to the top of the door.

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