Art Activities for Preschoolers for Christmas

Written by mary davis
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    Art Activities for Preschoolers for Christmas

    Preschoolers are filled with wonder and excitement throughout the Christmas season. Christmas art projects help them to explore various art mediums, as well as develop fine motor skills. Art also helps preschoolers to use their imaginations and take pride in their finished projects.

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    Crinkled Paper Stocking Art

    Make a paper stocking using a variety of arts. Needed items: brown paper bags, crayons, diluted water colour paints (red), paint brushes and glue. Cut two large identical stocking shapes from a paper grocery bag for each child. Preschoolers may colour both stockings with crayons. Show the preschoolers how to crumple the stockings. Smooth crumpled stockings somewhat, leaving a lot of wrinkles and fold lines. Have the children use paint brushes to cover the coloured sides of the stocking pieces with diluted red paint. Shake off excess paint over a dustbin. When paint is dry, help children glue the two stocking pieces together, with colourful sides both outward.

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    Dyed Christmas Eggs

    Dye eggs in Christmas colours. For younger preschoolers, boil eggs to dye in Christmas colours, and eat at preschool or send home with the children. Older preschoolers can master the art of blowing the insides from a raw egg, then carefully dye the shell. Spray dyed shells with clear shellac to help preserve them.

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    Mosaic Candy Cane Holder

    Make candy cane holders with only an envelope, paper scraps, glue and wire coat hangers. Give each child a business sized envelope, 4 1/8-by-9 1/2 inches. Provide construction paper or tissue paper in Christmas colours. Children should tear small pieces of paper, then glue the paper pieces onto the address side of the envelope. Adults should use scissors to cut three or four small slits at the bottom end of the envelope. Slip a candy cane through each slit, leaving the crook part of the cane inside the envelope. To hang up the candy cane holder, fold the envelope flap over the bottom edge of the coat hanger. Tape the flap to hold.

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    Easy Ornaments

    Provide the children some art materials to create their own ornaments. Have plenty of index cards, any colour, ready for the kids to use. Give each child a squeeze bottle of glue. Children will create their own design or draw a picture with the glue. Let the kids sprinkle on some glitter, coloured sand, or candy sprinkles to complete their ornament. They can make as many different ornaments as they want, as time allows. Have preschoolers point out the top edge of each of their ornaments. Punch a hole in that spot, and thread a piece of yarn or string to tie for a hanger.

    Preschooler's ornament creation (schneemann image by Ewe Degiampietro from

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