Factors Affecting Effective Communication in Students

Updated April 17, 2017

Communication is a difficult aspect of life to become proficient in, especially for students. They face a multitude of barriers to effective communication. While none of these are insurmountable, they can be difficult to overcome


Environmental factors, ranging from the literal volume of a setting to the speaker's comfort level in that setting can influence the effectiveness of anyone's communication skills. For students, this aspect is multiplied tenfold. Students often face a great deal of peer pressure and fear of judgment, and as such, self-impose barriers. For example, a student may not feel comfortable eloquently expressing herself so will use more slang in her presentation. A student also may be worried about looking foolish in front of his peers and let his nerves get the best of him while making a presentation.

Lack of Experience

Effective communication, like anything else in life, takes practice to make perfect. Students, by their very age, often have not had the opportunity to practice their formal communication skills. While some may not face barriers in informal communication, they often face significant barriers when it comes to effective communication in formal presentations simply because they have not yet had the opportunity to hone those skills in a meaningful way.


Often, the most effective communication is well-developed and presented. Unfortunately, students may not have the resources to do this. They may not have access to the materials necessary to best research the message they are trying to present, which limits their argument. Moreover, they may not have access to the proper communication channels or the knowledge of how to access them. For instance, a student may want to convey a message regarding dissatisfaction with a dorm or living situation, but she may not know the proper channels to pursue to have this concern adequately addressed. This limits the effectiveness of her communication overall.

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