Archaeology Games for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Archaeology video games and movies have helped develop the field of archaeology into an interesting experience for kids, opening up a whole new generation of potential archaeologists. There are a variety of archaeology games, from virtual simulations to action-adventure games with an archaeology theme.

Mr. Donn is a website that offers a variety of online archaeology games for kids that aid in learning and provide a fun educational environment. Games from Mr. Donn are free and can be played online, while certain games and trivia can be printed and played on paper. One game on is "Curator Collection," where kids can look at Curly the Curator's collection and identify what time period it is from. Another game, called "Be An Archaeologist," allows kids to put together pieces of found relics, such as a shattered pot.


The BBC has a number of online archaeology games for kids, as well as other ancient history and world history games to promote learning. Some of the BBC's archaeology games include the "Dig Deeper Quiz," which tests the kids on their knowledge of archaeology and artefacts. There is also an underwater archaeology game, called "Diver's Quest," that allows the future archaeologist to explore an underwater site. The child will be asked archaeology questions, and for each correct answer, they get to dive a little deeper. These games are free to play and work on most standard operating systems.

Roman Town

Roman Town is a more advanced archaeology video game for the true archaeology enthusiasts. Roman Town, playable in Microsoft Windows, offers graphics and interactivity not available in many online games. In this game, the player unearths the town of Fossura, in Rome, which was buried after the eruption of Mount Vesuvias in 79AD. The player must dig out artefacts, put the pieces back together, and even find the remains of buried residents.

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings

If you're looking for an archaeology game with more action and adventure and a slight archaeological theme, turn to the archaeologist turned action hero, Indiana Jones. This game is designed for the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS. The game is set in 1939, when Indiana and his team must find the Staff of Moses. Though the game isn't focused as much on archaeology as the other games, it will make the field fun and provide some educational value to the player.

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