Birthday Gifts for Pregnant Women

Updated February 21, 2017

Pregnant women often spend a large part of their pregnancy purchasing gifts and items for their babies. Others around them, including spouses and parents, are also wrapped up in buying things in preparation for the arrival of the baby. When it is a pregnant woman's birthday, the focus should be on her. While considering birthday gifts for a pregnant woman, think about what she might enjoy at this time of her life, independent of what she may need for the baby.

Bath Sets

One birthday gift idea for pregnant women is a luxurious bath set. Don't just purchase bath salts or oils, include back scrubbers, moisturisers, shower gels and body spray. Of course, in order to do this properly, you will need to know the type of scents that she likes. The nice part about this is that most women will not buy bath sets for themselves, as they are seen as indulgent, so she will truly appreciate this gift.


Another lovely birthday gift idea is scented candles. Again, you will need to know her preferences, particularly as pregnant women can be very sensitive to smells. High-quality candles are a great addition to the home, as they create a relaxing atmosphere. As she needs to do what she can to promote relaxation, this is an ideal gift.

Massaging Foot Bath

A massaging foot bath is a great gift idea for just about anyone, including pregnant women. This is a gift that will provide pampering, as well as pain relief. Pregnancy is an uncomfortable time, and a massaging foot bath may help to relieve some of that discomfort. Also, she will enjoy being able to care for her feet and make them feel and look nice.

Body Pillow

A body pillow given to a pregnant woman will provide her with much joy. People that are not pregnant like them as well, but pregnant women will get a lot of use out of body pillows, particularly in late pregnancy when it is difficult to sleep. A body pillow will allow her to lay on her side and prop up a leg.

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