Portable Brooders for Parrots

Written by eva vans
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Portable Brooders for Parrots
A Healthy Handfed Cockatoo (red parrot image by Xavier MARCHANT from Fotolia.com)

Having portable brooders for parrots is essential when hand feeding them and/or for emergencies. A heated and humidified brooder is necessary for the health, digestion, and growth of chicks. Additionally, it can save the life of a chick and keep the cost of veterinary bills under control. Portable brooders for parrots come in several styles, from very simple homemade brooders to extravagant commercial brooders with security code features. Cleanliness is the most critical part of raising baby chicks. Any brooder that is used must be easy to clean and disinfect. Besides housing babies, portable brooders are indispensable as an emergency hospital cage. The size of the brooder needs to accommodate the size of the chicks.

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Inexpensive plastic containers, five or 10-gallon fish tanks, incubators for very small chicks, and commercial brooders make the best portable brooders for parrots. Containers should have smooth edges for the protection of the babies and for ease of cleaning. For plastic containers and fish tanks, a heavy towel or baby blanket will help hold the heat in. Commercial tops to fit fish tanks are available with thermostat, humidity controls, and fans. Commercial brooders are all-inclusive, with most features needed to care for baby parrots.


Newly hatched chicks require heat between 33.3 and 35.6 degrees Celsius. One-to-three-week-old babies require heat between 32.2 to 33.3 degrees Celsius and four-week-old babies through weaning require heat at 85 degree Fahrenheit. For an emergency travel brooder, a container of hot water wrapped in a towel will suffice. Once you arrive at your destination, a heating pad wrapped in a towel and put under the container will keep babies warm. Commercial brooders come with a thermostat to easily set and control the temperature. Some have an adaptor for both the car lighter and home electrical plug in.


Knowing what the temperature is at all times is very critical. For homemade brooders, digital thermometers are available at most electronic stores. Many commercial brooders come with a thermometer.


Ventilation in a homemade portable brooder is possible by folding back the material and leaving at least an inch open at one of the top corners. Commercial brooder tops and commercial brooders have a fan to keep air circulating for proper ventilation.


Controlling the humidity and heat is critical for keeping bacterial growth in check, helping babies digest their food, and for proper growth. For homemade portable brooders and for the commercial brooders that do not come with humidity control, a simple container filled with water and holes punched in the top will allow the correct moisture. Some commercial brooders come with humidity control.


Keeping babies on the correct bedding is important. For chicks under three weeks of age, the use of paper towels, small cloth towels, or puppy pads will help absorb moisture and keep the babies dry and clean. For chicks over three weeks old, a number of commercially prepared products are available.

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