Places to live with low allergies

Updated March 23, 2017

Many allergy sufferers find that a change of location to a place in which there is less airborne grass, tree and weed pollen, as well as fewer mould spores, will offer an immense improvement in their quality of life. These places should also be low in pollution, which can exacerbate allergies. Findings show that while no part of the United States is allergen free, there are places in which allergy sufferers should fare better than they do in others.

Bay Area, California

The Bay Area, the ring of communities surrounding San Francisco, has several advantages that make it a haven for allergy sufferers. Its coastal location allows many allergens to be blown out to sea, while the vegetation is relatively low in pollen. In addition, the famously eco-conscious community has relatively little pollution, but does boast a high number of allergy specialists. Variations in conditions exist among communities, with the more inland areas, such as Concord and Walnut Creek, receiving significantly more allergens than cities along the coast, such as San Francisco and Sausalito.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In 1997, Sperling's Best Places, in conjunction with the Schering-Plough Corporation, ranked Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as one of the top places for allergy sufferers to live, citing its low pollen count, high number of allergy doctors, and statistically low number of allergy sufferers. For those looking for significant information on their allergies, Wisconsin is home to the World Allergy Organization (WAO), an international umbrella organisation of 84 international allergology and clinical immunology societies, meaning the city plays host to some of the world's top allergy experts.

The Desert

In general, desert areas are ideal for allergen sufferers, as the arid climate boasts little mould and is free of much of the fauna that triggers allergy symptoms. However, if the air is too try, it can strain respiratory systems, and deserts, however desolate, boast some kinds of plant life. Check the pollen count of specific areas before relocating or visiting.

Seattle, Washington

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America found Seattle to be one of the best places for allergy sufferers in the country, with a lower than average pollen count and a low rate of people who treated their allergies with medication. Like San Francisco, the area benefits from its green ethos and its coastal proximity.

North Shore, Hawaii

The North Shore of Hawaii is a haven for allergy sufferers, because, as a tourist destination, it has little pollution, and it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, which has almost no allergy-causing properties. However, despite it being an island, this is not true of all of Hawaii, which boasts one of the nation's highest rates of childhood asthma. Some areas also feature congested roads, which raise the level of pollution significantly.

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