Birthday Surprise Ideas for My Wife

Updated March 23, 2017

The annual celebration of your wife’s birthday presents the perfect opportunity to pamper and surprise her, reminding her of your love, devotion and adoration. By spending some time preparing a birthday surprise, you can ensure that your wife has no questions about your feelings, and that her birthday is one that she will always remember.

Riddle Hunt

To make your wife’s birthday extra special, don’t just present her with her present, engage her in a hunt to find it. Using heart shaped notes, compose a series of clues. Place your first note on the door so that your wife sees it as soon as she arrives home. On the note, write a clue that points to a place in the house. In this place indicated by the clue, place a second note. Continue your string of notes, building your wife’s suspense and excitement. In the location alluded to by the last note, leave your wife’s present. This trail of hearts will show that you have truly put effort into your wife’s birthday, and will be a treat that she will always treasure.

Lunch Picnic

Treat your wife to a simple lunch picnic on her birthday. If you are not totally hopeless in the kitchen, prepare a simple meal. If you are, there is no shame in takeout from her favourite restaurant. Gather a blanket and utensils, and pack them in a traditional picnic basket. Surprise your wife by picking her up from work and whisking her off to your picnic location. If the weather is not appropriate for an outdoor picnic, consider picnicking on your family room floor, or another indoor location.

Singing Telegram

While it may seem cliché, a singing telegram is a clever and original option if you want to truly surprise, and perhaps slightly embarrass, your wife on her birthday. Call local singing telegram companies, and select a telegram theme that is appropriate for your wife. Arrange the telegram performer to surprise her at her office, allowing her co-workers to join in the fun. While she many protest, she will likely secretly enjoy the special attention that this uncommon birthday treat brings her way.

Buried Treasure

To truly set this birthday off from all others, allow your wife to unearth buried treasure. After purchasing your wife’s gift, wrap it carefully in waterproof wrapping, and bury it in the garden or another loose dirt area around your house. Do not complete this step too far in advance of the birthday, as you likely don’t want an expensive gift sitting under the soil for an extended period of time. Make careful note of where you buried the treasure, to ensure that your playful hunt doesn’t turn into a desperate search. Age a sheet of computer paper by crumpling it, dipping it in tea and burning the edges. Then, create a treasure map on this antiqued sheet. On your map, make reference to areas that you and your wife hold as special.

When her birthday arrives, present your wife with the map and assist her in following it to find her present buried, preferable shallowly, around your home.

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