The best privacy bushes or shrubs

Updated November 21, 2016

Privacy shrubs and bushes create gorgeous privacy screens and covers for the backyard and fencing around the entire home. The best shrubs are thick and dense and have the potential to grow up to fifteen feet tall. Pruning and proper care is essential for all shrubs and bushes. Rather than building a fence you can use shrubs and bushes and line your property with lovely plants that produce flowers, and stunning foliage throughout the year.

Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs are large green bushes that produce hearty gloss foliage that can even survive during the winter months. These types of shrubs are versatile because they grow in various climates across the country. Most evergreens are not flowering shrubs, but there are a few flowering evergreens such as the Mount Laurel. This plant produces small flowers that usually bloom in the fall. "Better Homes and Gardens Magazine" says, the Arborvitae are also excellent evergreen shrubs for privacy because they can grow up to 60 feet tall.

Evergreens are desired hedges because they can be trimmed to achieve your desired shape. Common evergreens are boxwood, holly, arbor vitae and privet. Caring for evergreens and other types of shrubs is simple, since they only require water and pruning.

Flowering Shrubs

Flowering shrubs are also very adaptable plants, but these shrubs provide extra visual appeal by producing lovely flowers. The Diana Rose of Sharon and the Purple Lilac are favoured flowering shrubs. Miss Canada Lilac and Korean Lilac also produce gorgeous purple flowers that bloom in spring. The flowers die in the cold winter months, but the tough exterior of the leaves and stems usually stay in tact, although some leaves may wilt or die, only to return when the weather warms up.

"Better Homes and Gardens Magazine" says the Bluebeard is one of its top choices for flowering shrubs that function as hedges.


"Pool Life Magazine" says to choose the Dogwood shrub for privacy and shade. Dogwood bushes grow well in moist, well-drained soils. Dogwood are favoured because the leaves and stems grow tightly together creating a thick screen that is difficult to see through, making these excellent privacy bushes. These types of plants are effective at blocking out wind and creating a privacy border around your yard. Some dogwoods produce flowers also, making them even more attractive. You can prune your plant to create any form. Types of dogwoods are Ivory Halo, Kelsey and Huron.

Burning Bush

Burning bush is a great beauty during the autumn season. Burning bushes thrive in Texas and many climates. These shrubs even prefer shade. Bursting Heart is a common type of burning bush shrub that is often displayed along car parks and other entrances. This shrub is a low maintenance solution that is easy to care for, only requiring water and occasional pruning.

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