Personality differences between male & female cats

Written by robert russell
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A typical question asked by people who are considering getting a cat for a pet concerns gender: Should I get a male or a female cat? The assumption is that male and female cats are different. The majority of cat owners agree that there is a difference. However, some cat owners think that the differences are trivial. What all agree on is that neutering or spaying is the most important issue to consider. A cat that has not been spayed or neutered will have undesirable or annoying personality traits.

Unspayed and Unneutered Cats

The personality differences between male and female cats are most on display before they are neutered or spayed. Males will have a tendency to be aggressive and roam. They may be gone for hours or even days. They are protective of their territory both inside and outside. This will cause them to mark their territory with urine. They are more prone to fighting. Female cats will go into heat. The desire to mate will cause them to emit very annoying trilling sounds and strange body gyrations. They can become pregnant.

Male and Female Differences

There is a general consensus among cat owners that female and male cats, after they have been spayed or neutered, do display different personality traits though the differences are more subtle than with cats that have not been spayed or neutered. Cat owners will typically describe male cats as more affectionate and outgoing. Female cats are described as more aloof and independent. A male cat may be the better choice if you want your cat to keep you company. Other cat owners argue that breed, rather than gender, is the strongest determinant of a cat's personality.

Expectations About Personality

The correlation between gender and personality isn't yet a perfect science, whether it pertains to the understanding of cat personalities or human personalities. Someone's past experiences with cats, or the way they have been brought up to think about cats, may be a factor in how she identifies personality differences between males and females, and helps to explain why there is disagreement among cat owners about the significance of the distinction.

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