Products That Can Be Made From Recycled Wood

Written by m. j. joachim
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  • Introduction

    Products That Can Be Made From Recycled Wood

    Recycling wood is a natural and sensible thing to do. Wood is readily available from yard trimmings, lumbering and carpentry businesses. Large pieces of wood are made smaller to be useful. In the process, wood debris is left behind that can be recycled into landscaping, crafts and tools. Transform sawdust, wood chips and small blocks of wood into valuable products.

    Wood has great potential for reuse. (logging yard 2 image by Jim Parkin from

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    Paper is made from wood. Paper makers use machines and chemicals to break down wood fibres, turning them into paper pulp. This is a detailed process that strips branches of their leaves and bark, leaving only the most essential wood fibres. These fibres are then soaked and treated so that they break down and turn into pulp. The wood pulp is then processed further. It is dried out and flattened into sheets of paper.

    Paper is made from recycled wood. (recycling image by dbvirago from

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    Garden Features

    Mulch is made from chopping up scraps of wood. Wood pieces can be turned into chips for landscaping purposes and to delineate walking paths. Wood chips make satisfying ground cover for playgrounds and in extreme climates. Sawdust is used to conserve water by minimising evaporation, especially in extreme climates. Chips can be chemically treated to reduce weed and bug problems in the yard. They may also be pre-stained to complement the aesthetics of the environment.

    Wood chips are used as ground cover. (wood chips image by robert mobley from

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    Recycled wood is used to make art projects. Small pieces are crafted into detailed ornaments and decorations. Whittling wood is a well-known pastime for many crafters. Pieces of wood are carved and whittled away, leaving wood chips that can be recycled into mulch or paper. The wood is shaped and turned into something useful or decorative. Many artists use leftover wood to make useful things like bird houses and larger art pieces. They combine cement, wood, plastic and other items to make grand statues of self-expression. Some of these projects are used to decorate city parks or put on display in museums.

    Artists use wood to make crafts. (animali di legno image by Pier Paolo Sposato from

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    Scraps of wood are made into simple tools people use everyday. Cooks use wooden spoons. Crafters use crochet hooks, knitting needles and weaving tools like looms and shuttles. Carpenters use recycled wood to make pegs, hooks and knobs for furniture and other items. Simple tools are often made from carving and shaping wood that otherwise might have been discarded.

    Wood is used to make common tools. (wooden kitchen tools image by Maria Brzostowska from

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