Kids Invention Projects

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Kids Invention Projects
Simple inventions can make a world of difference. (and there was light image by Nellie Vin from

While it may seem that the market is saturated with inventions, new innovations are made daily. The process of inventing a new technique or object requires a significant degree of creativity and imaginative thinking. Teachers can foster these desirable skills in their students by engaging them in invention projects. Through the imagining of new inventions, students practice their critical thinking and improve their overall problem-solving abilities.

Morning Routine Update

From brushing your teeth to combing your hair, the morning routine can become tedious and repetitive. Allow students to liven up this daily activity by creating an invention that would be used during this morning preparation period. Ask students to consider what they do when they get up in the morning, and to think about how one of those tasks could be made easier or more enjoyable through the creation of a new invention. Ask students to give their invention a name, describe their invention in at least a paragraph and create a picture of the invention. Allow students to share their creations with their classmates. Have students vote on which imaginative invention they would most like to see become a reality.

Eco-Friendly Invention

The daily activities of humans are unfortunately wreaking havoc on the Earth. Ask your students to consider what they could do to put an end to this cycle of Earth destruction. Start by brainstorming a list of threats to the environmental health of the Earth. After creating an extensive list, ask students to select one of these problems that they think they could remedy through the creation of a new invention. Instruct students to create a model of this potential invention using eco-friendly materials, such as food packaging. Provide students with the opportunity to share their invention with their classmates.

Vehicle of the Future

Cars today look vastly different from the Model T's that were the only option when the industry started. Ask your students to consider how cars of the future might look different from those we drive today. Encourage your students to consider whether we will continue to travel on wheels, or if hovercrafts are the wave of the future. Provide students with paper, and ask them to create a drawing of the car they envision being popular in the future. After students complete their drawings, ask them to create an advertisement for their car like those you might see in magazines and newspapers today. Instruct the students to play up the benefits of the car to entice buyers to purchase the innovative automobile.

School Improvement Invention

Whether students like or detest school, they will almost universally agree that school could be improved upon. As you finish up your study of inventions, ask students to think of an invention that could improve their school experience. Encourage students to be creative in the development of their invention. Tell them to consider all aspects of school, from standardised tests to cafeteria food. Allow students to sketch their invention. Then ask students to compose a letter to the school board, proposing that the school adopt the use of their imaginary invention. Remind students to be persuasive and provide details that will allow the school district leaders to see why their invention is one that can't be passed up.

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