Platinum Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Each year, couples celebrate their wedding anniversaries. Every year is cause to commemorate, but reaching the milestone of a 70th anniversary is truly special. The 70th wedding anniversary, also known as the platinum anniversary, should be a joyous occasion for a man and wife to celebrate, as it is not often couples get to spend seven decades together. Much thought should be put into a platinum anniversary gift that captures the couple's long-standing dedication and devotion.


For her, diamonds are a girl's best friend. Diamonds last forever and make an appropriate gift for the platinum anniversary. Most jewellery stores carry diamond heart pendants, diamond bracelets, diamond studded earrings and diamond rings. If you purchase pendants or bracelets, consider getting the jewellery engraved with a special message to commemorate the occasion. Diamond-oriented gifts also are available for men. Diamond paperweights are a thoughtful gift, as well as diamond cuff links.


Platinum is the modern theme for a 70th-wedding anniversary. A dense, pliable metal, the precious element is prevalent in the Ural Mountains and the western United States. Platinum is resilient and does not decay easily, so it often is used in jewellery. More expensive than gold or sliver, platinum jewellery makes an excellent 70th-anniversary gift. For her, consider giving a rose that has been conserved in the precious element. For him, consider purchasing a platinum watch or bracelet.


Sapphire is the gemstone for the 70th wedding anniversary. Look for earrings, a pendant, ring, necklace or charm that includes the blue gemstone. Consult your florist for a bouquet of flowers that are sapphire in colour. For him, a sapphire tie pin makes a nice gift.

Unique Gift Ideas

A platinum-anniversary gift also can be something unique and clever. Use your imagination, and purchase 70 small gifts to celebrate each year you have been married. Make sure you carve out a day to open all the presents. Look through old photographs of you and your spouse, and put together an album containing 70 photos to commemorate your seven decades of marriage.

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