Bay Window Ceramic Tile Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Bay windows are windows that project outward from the building, creating a small shelf, table or bench space in the windowsill. Ceramic tile ideas for your bay windows are only limited by the size and shape of your window. A tiled windowsill can echo the flooring in the room, create a mosaic picture or just add a decorative accent.


Trim the edge of the bay windowsill with medium-sized, square, white-and-taupe marbled ceramic tiles for a classic style. Fill the remaining area with small, square tiles, alternating between white, taupe and marbled tiles. Use a white or taupe window frame to match the tile. This classic style can complement any room, from kitchen to nursery.


Combine square, broken and fish-shaped tiles for a bay windowsill with a fish style. Edge the windowsill with small, square, dark blue ceramic tiles. Scatter colourful, medium-sized, fish-shaped tiles in the middle of the sill. Fill the remaining area with broken tiles in blue and light blue. Use blue or white paint for the window frame. The fish style looks best in a bathroom, kitchen or child's room.


Cover the outer edge of the bay windowsill with thin, black, rectangular ceramic tiles. Fill the remaining sill with large, hexagon-shaped tiles, alternating between yellow and white. Fill the space between the large tiles with tiny, black hexagon-shaped tiles. Use white, yellow or black paint for the window frame. The geometric style works in any room.


Use jagged lines and solid colours for a modern ceramic tile style in a bay window. Use small, broken, glossy tiles in a random pattern with slate grey grout for a sharp look. Combine pieces of broken tile in black, white, lime, lilac and mocha. Use any of the tile colours for the window frame. The modern style looks good in any room.


Use a princess theme to tile a bay window in a little girl's bedroom. Edge the window with small, rectangular, pale pink ceramic tiles painted with flowery, dark pink vines. Use tiny round tiles to create a mosaic picture in the remaining area, depicting a young princess in a pink gown and slippers against a white and cream background.


Edge a bay windowsill with small, burgundy-and-red striped ceramic tiles to give the rose style a bold frame. Line the inside of the striped frame with small, white tiles. Fill the remaining area with medium-sized, square tiles. Use tiles painted with a blooming red rose on a white-dotted, pale pink background. Paint the window frame any of the tile colours. The rose style works in any room.

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