Shih Tzu Dog Gifts

Who can resist the long shaggy ears, upturned tail and deep-set eyes of a round-faced Shih Tzu? It's no surprise this favourite dog breed is often featured on gift items for people who love pets. In addition to its photogenic long, flowing coat, the toy dog breed is characteristically friendly, outgoing and affectionate, according to the American Kennel Club.

Wall Art

Framed portraits, sketches, watercolours or highly stylised art deco pieces featuring Shih Tzu dogs are an artistic addition to the home of a pet lover. Have the artwork framed to coordinate with the gift recipient's home decor. If the living room is predominantly oak, for instance, consider a frame made of the same wood.

Greeting Cards

A gift box of mixed occasion greeting cards featuring Shih Tzu dogs may be cherished by a dog-loving person. The gift recipient can share her love of Shih Tzu dogs by sending thank-you notes and birthday wishes with cards featuring the shaggy pet. If the person owns a Shih Tzu, consider having custom cards featuring a photo of her dog made at a local photo-processing lab.

Pet Accessories

Many Shih Tzu owners love to show off their dogs. Consider customising a pet food or water dish, leash, dog sweater, or tote bag with a photo of the pet lover's dog as an extra special gift that both the gift recipient and the dog can use.

Human Apparel

A gift of apparel featuring pictures of Shih Tzu dogs is appropriate for many ages. Baseball caps, T-shirts and sweatshirts are readily available. Consider more creative apparel gifts such as a fleece scarf printed with images of Shih Tzus, a necklace with a Shih Tzu pendant or earrings featuring the smiling face of a Shih Tzu.


Shih Tzus are gracing even the finest of keepsake gifts. Consider a jewellery box with an etched profile of a dog. Porcelain sculptures or etched crystal featuring Shih Tzus might be a good addition to a curio cabinet. At the holidays, tree ornaments and stockings featuring the lovable dog breed may be a good choice.

Children's Gifts

Kids are attracted to the small, fluffy Shih Tzu. Consider a stuffed toy replica of the dog breed, or a colouring book that highlights the dog playing with children. Plastic toy Shih Tzu dogs, puffy stickers and children's books about families with Shih Tzu dogs as pets can made a young fan happy.

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