Ideas for Sales Incentives for Call Centers

Updated April 17, 2017

The sometimes fast paced, stressful and repetitive work of a call centre sales representative can easily bring down morale and motivation. So, if you're in a management position you must come up with sales incentive ideas to keep your representatives focused. Motivating call centre sales representatives might result in profits for your business.


Award your call centre sales representatives with free trips for their performances. When a sales representative meets his sales quota, award him with a trip package. Include plane tickets or a rental car, lodging for at least two days and tickets to a show or an amusement park. Make the trip package valid for your employee and one guest. So that they are not rushed to go on the trip immediately, make it valid for open booking.

Cash Bonus

Money works as a good motivator. To motivate your call centre sales representatives to meet sales goals, offer them cash bonus incentives. You can either establish a system that awards sales representatives with cash bonuses for each sale that they make, such as £6 per sale. You can also give your call centre sales representatives a set amount of money for meeting the daily, weekly or monthly sales quotas. Set aside a specific time of the month to issue bonuses. The monies can be included with your sales representatives' regular paychecks or issued separately at the end of each month.


The repetitive work of a call-centre sales representative requires lots of energy, so it's important to not skip meals. Set up a sales incentive that rewards your representatives with free breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages. Establish daily, weekly or monthly sales goals. For those representatives who meet or exceed the sales goals, offer catered breakfasts and lunches, or gift cards to restaurants. Provide the representatives with energy-boasting snacks, such as sports drinks, energy bars, popcorn, crisps, sodas and candy bars that they can eat at their work stations or in the break room.

Time Off

Working at a call centre can be stressful and tiring. As a sales incentive, offer your sales representatives paid time off for meeting and exceeding sales goals. You can reward representatives with an entire shift, or a few hours, of time off work. Give representatives the luxury to use the awarded time off whenever they want without having to notify managers weeks in advance. Because the time off is a special incentive, instantly approve it when they ask for it.

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