11 Year Anniversary Gifts for a Man

Updated February 21, 2017

The 11th wedding anniversary is traditionally the "steel" anniversary, although modern etiquette suggests that it's also appropriate to give fashion jewellery to your mate to celebrate 11 years of marriage. If you're looking for an anniversary gift your husband will love this year, incorporate conventional or modern guidelines to find a gift that suits his style and makes your anniversary even more memorable.

Steel Cooking Tools

Appliances made of steel are a practical yet thoughtful way to wish your husband a happy 11th anniversary, especially if he loves to cook. For instance, if he likes grilling, present him with a fancy grill that has a stainless steel cover, and a set of tools including tongs and large forks that he'll need for your next family barbecue. A set of gourmet knives made of stainless steel is a valuable gift as well. It's also a good idea to have the wooden block that the knives are stored in engraved with your husband's initials or the date of your anniversary.

Steel Jewelry

Since fashion jewellery is the modern gift choice for celebrating 11 years of marriage, and steel is the traditional gift material, you can combine the two by purchase steel jewellery for your husband. For instance, a steel man's right hand ring with a romantic message inscribed on it like "I'll love you forever" is fitting. A watch with a steel band or face is a fitting 11th anniversary gift, and you can have the back of the watch face professionally inscribed with a message like "...till the end of time," and your anniversary date.

Steel Home Accents

Decorate your home with gift items made of steel that fit your man's style. For instance, purchase a new desk for his home office with stainless steel legs and a glass top, and put it together without his knowledge (or ask a family member for help). Buy a steel frame and fill it with a picture of the two of you, then lead him into the office to see his new 11th anniversary gift. A large steel clock for the living room makes a classy anniversary present; if you're having the clock custom made, include his favourite metal finish in the decorative accents, e.g. borders, clock face.

Steel Tools

If he loves to fix and build things, your husband will appreciate a steel power tool gift to celebrate your 11th anniversary. Present him with a high-quality hand drill or power saw, as well as a few items to get him started on a new home improvement project like paint, nails or a carpenter's bench for the garage. Or, purchase a top-of-the-line tool set for him, complete with wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, nails and rulers. Buy a steel toolbox in his favourite colour, and have the box engraved with his name or initials so he'll think of you each time he uses his personalised gift.

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