David & Goliath Kids Craft Ideas

Updated July 13, 2018

David and Goliath is the famous Bible story found in I Samuel 17:1-58 about a young boy named David who wins a battle against a giant named Goliath. The giant is large and intimidating, even to adults and armies of trained fighters, yet with God's help David is able to take him out with a slingshot and stone, without even wearing any armour to protect him. Choosing craft projects that illustrate this famous story can help teach children to allow God to fight their battles for them and to have faith in the strength of God, even against great odds.

David's Stones

Purchase paper lunch sacks for the kids, along with a stack of name tags. Have the children write "David's Stones" on the name tags and stick them to the paper bags. They can crumple coloured construction paper into balls and place them inside the paper bag, tying the top with a piece of yarn. As the children are working, talk with them about the story of David and Goliath, along with how God can give them the power to surmount any challenges they may face in life.


Collect enough paper towel and toilet paper rolls for each child to have one of each. Provide coloured paper and crayons or markers so the children can create clothes and facial features to glue on to their paper towel and toilet paper rolls. The large rolls should be used for Goliath, while the smaller rolls can be used for David. Once the kids have finished making the puppets, read the story of David and Goliath, instructing them to act out the story using the puppets they created.

Colouring Sheets

Create basic picture frames out of construction paper, writing "The battle is the Lord's" on the top of each frame. Give each child a colouring sheet featuring David and Goliath, along with crayons. Once they have finished colouring their sheets, glue each one into the construction paper frame and allow it to dry. For a personal touch, consider gluing a photo of each child on top of David in each picture. It will help the kids imagine themselves drawing close to God to overcome life's challenges.

What is Your Goliath?

Print "What is Your Goliath" on the top of blank sheets of paper and pass them out, then read the story of David and Goliath to the children. Ask them to think about a "giant" in their life, some kind of issue they are struggling with or something that is difficult for them. The kids can draw their own giant or Goliath on their sheet of paper, then share what makes the issue hard for them. With each child holding her drawing, pray with the kids, asking God to take on the battle for the children, just as God did for David when he faced Goliath.

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