Pandora Charm Necklace Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Pandora jewellery has grown in popularity in recent years, both for personal use and as sentimental gifts for family and friends. The company strives to make its jewellery "the embodiment of femininity and romance," Pandora marketing director Jody Christian recently told the Chicago Tribune. Whether you plan to buy a Pandora charm necklace for yourself or for someone else, there are some charm necklace ideas that can get you started.

Family Heirloom Necklaces

Consider creating a charm necklace that includes the birthstones of each member of your family. Or put the birthstones of several generations of your family (like your mother, grandmother and great grandmother) on one necklace. If birthstones don't quite do the trick, choose a Pandora charm to represent each member of your family for your heirloom necklace. For example, buy an apple charm to represent a teacher or a musical note to signify a music lover. Don't forget dog or cat charms to represent the pets in your family.

Memory Necklaces

If a family member or friend has recently passed away, it may bring you or the recipient of your gift comfort to own a Pandora necklace with charms that represent your loved one. The charm necklace can serve as a timeless reminder of the person and will probably become a cherished memento. Don't limit yourself to just birthstones, professions or hobbies to represent your loved one. Look for beads in the person's favourite colour, or buy charms with the person's initials.

Friendship Necklaces

If you have a close circle of friends, consider making a Pandora charm necklace for each of them (or convincing them to split the cost with you). Each necklace should include one charm for you and each of your friends. Choose a charm that clearly represents each person. You can make sentimental choices or choose charms for humorous reasons. If one of your friends loves to shop, you might look for a charm that looks like a purse.

Message Necklaces

If you value simplicity, you might consider creating a Pandora necklace consisting of letter charms that spell out a word. You could spell your name or the name of your significant other. Or think of common words and phrases typically featured in jewellery such as "love," "forever" or "best friend." A Pandora charm necklace that spells out a word or phrase could make a nice gift for a friend, family member or yourself.

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