Anniversary Gifts for the 36th Year

When it comes to wedding anniversaries, each year is typically marked with both a modern and traditional gift suggestion. However, after you celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary, traditional gift suggestions are made only every five years. That being said, you still get a modern gift suggestion for each year and modern etiquette calls for gifts of bone china on the 36th wedding anniversary.


Many households have bone china dinnerware. Bone china dinnerware such as place settings and serving dishes make elegant gifts for a 36th wedding anniversary. If the recipient already has china, you can look over the set and see if there is anything missing, so you can replace missing pieces for an anniversary gift. This can be difficult, because if the pattern is discontinued, you will have to search with collectors and on sites like eBay to find them. You might also consider buying new dinnerware. Maybe your wife would like a new tea set, or never got a formal bone china dinnerware set for your wedding.


Bone china frames are elegant and formal in appearance. They are great for displaying wedding photos or other formal photos of the two of you together as a couple. You can order bone china frames specially marked with your wedding anniversary or name.


Oftentimes, figurines are made of bone china. You can get a bone china cross, artistic statue or ornament. Bone china is often painted with symbols or inscribed with words; try to find something that has special meaning to your spouse.


Decor items made of bone china include vases, which can make a wonderful 36th anniversary gift when you add fresh flowers to the vase. Decorative candy dishes are another option and can be filled with your spouse's favourite sweet treat.

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