Front Door Curtain Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

If your front door has a window in it, you may have considered adding some type of curtain, either for decorative purposes or for added privacy. Several options are available for front door curtains. From blinds and different weight drapery fabrics to hanging beads, you will find a front door curtain option for every taste and need.

Sheer Curtains with Pull-Down Blinds

Choose a sheer curtain for the window and a pull-down blind. This gives you several options. You can use the sheer curtain for decoration and to let the sunlight in, or you can add the pull-down blind to darken the room or add privacy. If your front door opens immediately into your living area without a separate entryway, this may be a consideration.

Sheer curtains come in all colours; some of them have attractive embroidery either on the main part of the sheers or around the edges. Apply tassels or beading to the bottom for added decoration. Choose pull-down blinds in a shade that complements the sheers.

Curtain Layers

Multiple layers of curtains, usually two, allow you to adjust the amount of light and privacy. Use a sheer curtain as the layer closest to the window and a heavier drapery fabric for the other layer. Choose a silk drapery fabric that will be a much lighter weight for the smaller door window curtain rod. Attach small hooks to either side to allow you to pull back whichever curtain you are not using for window cover.


Lace comes in all colours and allows a large amount of light through. A thicker lace will provide privacy as well as light, depending on the lace's colour. Most lace, even the most delicate and transparent, affords more privacy than sheers. Unless someone is standing on your front porch looking directly in your window, it may be all the privacy you need while allowing light to shine into the house.

Lace is an easier option if you want both the light of sheers and the privacy of another form of drapery without having to add extra layers into the mix.

Hanging Beads

Hanging beads in doorways has become a popular decorative choice, especially for a more Bohemian-style home. There is a sense of freedom in a home that has fewer closing doors and more beaded curtains. This same decorative choice can be employed as a front door curtain. The number of beaded strands will dictate the level of privacy and light. Reflective coloured crystal beads can create a rainbow of colour in your entryway or living area as the light shines through.

You can buy pre-made beaded curtains and cut them down to your needs, or create them yourself using decorative ropes of beads from your local craft store. Most craft stores will have beads available as long strands that can be cut to size, or you can string your own.

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