Non Prescription Medication for Anxiety

There are many non-prescription medications for anxiety available in local stores and pharmacies. They can also be ordered online from sites that promote herbal therapy. Herbal treatments may be beneficial for people with mild anxiety, tension and stress. Some herbs help to calm muscles and slow the brain, preventing anxiety. They are usually sold in capsule form. Many are available in teas as well. Herbal treatments, when used responsibly, can help relieve anxiety, stress and even body pain.

Valerian Root

Valerian is a flowering plant used in the treatment of anxiety. It is used in a sedative manner, helping to decrease nervous conditions, anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy and hysteria. It is also used as a diuretic. Valerian includes a high level of GABA. GABA helps slow down the brain, helping moderate anxiety. Historically the herb has been used as an anticonvulsant, sedative, migraine and pain reliever. Just how valerian root works in the body and mind is unknown. Valerian is used in tea and also sold as capsules in natural remedy stores.


Kava is an analgesic, sedative, and mild euphoriant which helps to combat anxiety. It depresses the central nervous system and helps relieve chronic stress, migraines, depression, insomnia and boost a low sex drive. It is a muscle relaxant as well, working to keep users calm emotionally and physically. Kava can be taken on a long-term basis. However, long term use is associated with liver and skin damage. It should not be combined with alcohol or other depressants, sedatives or tranquillisers. Kava is available in tinctures and capsules.


This herb helps to balance hormones and menstrual cycles. It is also soothes stress and tension during pregnancy and treats anxiety and the heart palpitations that come with it. Motherwort is a gentle herb that induces relaxation but not drowsiness. It is a great nerve tonic which can be taken two to three times a day. In some people, it produces euphoria. It can be taken before bed to promote restful sleep, ensuring that its users will not wake up in the middle of the night and have their sleep cycle broken. It is used in teas and tinctures.

Passion Flower

Passion flower relieves muscle tension, and promotes calm. It also treats low sex drive and chronic insomnia, ensuring that there will be no uncomfortable grogginess when the user wakes up. It has sedative and anticonvulsant properties. Along with muscle relaxation, passion flower also reduces pain. It can be taken in tea or capsule form. When combined with valerian root, its anti-anxiety properties are enhanced. It can also help alleviate tension, restlessness, and irritability. It provides mild sedation without being addictive.


If you suffer from anxiety, you may want to consider trying a natural herbal medication. These herbal remedies will treat mild anxiety, but they cannot treat serious anxiety, which can interfere with your daily activities and lifestyle. Serious anxiety should be treated by a heath professional. Using herbs in combination may be beneficial or may cause adverse reactions. Take all herbal supplements with care and use them responsibly.

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