What to Do to Remove the Odor When Dogs Poop on Grass?

Written by christien aguinaldo
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What to Do to Remove the Odor When Dogs Poop on Grass?
Pick up dog poop immediately to prevent an odour in your backyard. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Having dogs as pets is a good thing, as they are faithful and loyal companions. However, there is no escape from doing the unpleasant task of removing their poop and maintaining an odour-free home and backyard. Sometimes, the lawn may end up reeking, if the poop is not removed properly or regularly.

Poop Pickup Routine

The best way to protect your lawn from unpleasant odour is to pick up the waste immediately, as soon as your dog poops. Otherwise, you need to set a convenient schedule to pick up and dispose of the waste. This is especially true if the backyard is small. For example, you might want to clean at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. If the backyard is big, it may not be easy to follow this routine regularly, in which case you may want to designate cleaning days every week.

Poop Disposal Bags

Poop pickup bags or dispensers are essential accessories for dog owners, as they help in keeping the yard clean and odour-free. Scented bags come with handles that help in eliminating the odour to a large extent. While you pick up poop, turn the disposable bag inside out. Place your hand inside the bag and then grab the waste. Fold the sides out in order to turn out the right side of the bag. Tie the mouth bag tightly and dispose the waste immediately. Do not accumulate these waste bags or pile them up in your yard after collecting, as this will not help to eliminate the odour. You have the choice of dumping the collected poop into the toilet (without the bag) and flushing it or you can keep in a tightly closed rubbish bin for garbage collection.

Poop Scoops

Scoops are not disposable and need washing after every use. Otherwise, they attract flies and microbes along with the odour. Hence, some people may find it uncomfortable to clean the remnants that stick on to it. The best way to clean the scoop is to immerse it in water and then use disinfectants regularly.

Various kinds of scoops are available in the market. One of the models comes with a simple pickup spade that removes dirt from flat surfaces, concrete floors or tiles. Scoops with rakes are used to remove waste from lawns or grassy surfaces: Grabber scoops can be used with just one hand.

Tips To Remove Odor From the Grass

Take simple measures to eliminate poop odour from your backyard and lawn. The best way is to pick up the poop and dispose of it; then spray the area with water, until the grass is washed clean.

Vinegar mixed with water is a natural non-toxic deodoriser. Mix equal quantities of vinegar and water and spray the area in the lawn where your dog has just pooped. Make sure to pick up the poop before spraying. You can even use a mild solution of dish washing soap to clean the lawn, but this may cause some lawn damage due to the ingredients in the soap. Many people use commercial odour neutralisers to eliminate odour from their lawns and backyards. This is also an effective method.

Sprinkle some sawdust and spray water on it using your garden hose. The sawdust helps to reduce odour and since it is organic, the waste is converted into compost over a period of time. This compost will nourish your lawn. However, do not use this compost for fertilising edible plants, fruits and vegetables.

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