Large Lava Rock Landscaping

Updated February 21, 2017

Using lava rock in landscaping projects gives you a chance to give your lawn a touch of Hawaii, even if you aren't anywhere near the Pacific Rim. Lava rock is cooled, hardened molten rock expelled during volcanic eruptions. Lava rocks come in a variety of sizes, making them perfect for many different landscaping designs. Large lava rocks can be useful when attempting to define certain areas of the landscape or when building a particular landscape structure.

Flower Garden Landscaping

The most conventional method of using large lava rock is for the decoration and protection of flower gardens. As a rule of thumb, if the lava rock is more boulder-like in size, use it on the inside of the flower bed for accenting the design, while using the smaller lava rocks to arrange a garden border. Gravel-sized lava rock can be coordinated with larger rock to cover the bed and space the plants apart in a pattern, which protects the garden from erosion, weeds and pet antics that can cause damage to the flowers.

Lava Rock Walkways

Lava rock is also great for designing walkways and driveways. Using larger rocks for the border and smaller ones with gravel for filler, it's easy to bring a vibrant, island atmosphere to your grounds. Paint or stain the lava rocks to add colour and contrast to the area and to plants surrounding the walkway or driveway. Add in your favourite plant and shrub types along the border to add additional colour, texture and dimension.

Barbecue or Fire Pit

Another way to use lava rock in a landscape is to build a barbecue pit or fire pit. An American favourite, most modern fire pits are fuelled by propane or natural gas from a gas line to a burner placed underneath lava rocks. The lava rock will conduct heat for barbecue activities or a gathering of family and friends relaxing around the fire. The lava rock barbecue or fire pit will also add an attractive conversation piece to the lawn landscape.

Lawn Fountains

Large lava rocks also make an interesting addition to lawn fountains. Utilise the large rock as a border around the fountain to add dimension and an ethereal feel to the landscape. While some fountains can be purchased with lava rock accents, it 's relatively easy to add the lava rock yourself. Depending on the size of the fountain, several different sizes of lava rock can be used inside the fountain.

Rock Gardens

Large lava rocks can also be placed intricately around the lawn landscape. These rock gardens can be placed alongside plants or trees, or simply set off in the yard alone. Large lava rocks can be used to recreate Stonehenge-like structures to accentuate the landscape. Use your imagination to design the perfect large lava rock garden for your landscape.

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