Edible Seashell Cake Decorations

For a beach-themed wedding, seashells make the perfect accent on the wedding cake. Real seashells may be cleaned and disinfected to add to the cake, but for an even more impressive option, use edible seashells. Made from chocolate, sugar or gum paste, these seashells are available pre-made or are able to be handmade using candy moulds, and allow the bride to add seashell accents in any colour desired.

Seashell Candy Molds

Most edible seashells are made with candy moulds. Wedding cake bakeries often already have these moulds available when creating wedding cakes, or brides are able to save money by purchasing their own moulds and creating seashells to add to the wedding cake. Wilton, a popular cake design and materials manufacturer, sells seashells candy moulds in four different styles, including starfish, cones and scallops. Each mould comes with instructions for different design ideas, such as marbled seashells. To make the seashells, brides simply melt the chocolate or sugar or press gum paste into the mould and allow it to set in the mould, then remove it for an easy cake decoration.

Types of Edible Seashells

Edible seashells are traditionally made from chocolate. White chocolate seashells help brides have a beach-themed cake while sticking to a traditional white or ivory wedding cake theme, but seashells may also be made from milk or dark chocolate. Candy melts, found at most craft stores, come in a variety of colours and are able to be melted down to create seashells in colours that fit the wedding's theme. For more experienced cake makers, sugar seashells, created from melted sugar, are able to be made in a variety of colours and provide a lighter decoration for the cake. Gum paste and fondant may be pressed into a mould to make more seashells in a variety of colours, but usually are not as tasty as chocolate or sugar seashells.

Pre-Made Edible Seashells

Numerous companies sell handmade edible seashells that are pre-made and shipped to the bride to save time. Purchasing seashells this way is ideal for large wedding cakes or to provide guests with favours that match the wedding cake decorations. Cakes by Sam, Inc., an online cake decorating supply company, sells handmade edible pearls and seashells made from gumpaste and fondant. Shells are white in colour, but are able to be customised with lustre or petal dust colours for an extra fee. Shore Chic, which offers a variety of accessories for beach weddings, sells chocolate seashells in white, dark and milk chocolate.

Other Nautical Accents

To add another nautical element to a cake, sprinkle brown sugar around the shells or the base of the cake to represent sand. Blue piping gel is an easy way to represent ocean water and candyfloss may be used to represent sea foam or the crests of waves coming in. Place edible seashells in mini buckets or tie a few together with tulle and piece of fishnet for a nautical favour for guests to take home at the end of the reception.

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