A bell boy's job description

Updated April 17, 2017

Bell boys, or bellhops, are responsible for helping hotel guests to their rooms with their luggage. He often stands beside the front doors, ready to let the person into the hotel. The worker is usually the first staff member guests see when they arrive and the last as they depart.

Welcome Responsibilities

A bell boy should welcome guests as they arrive to the hotel. As they enter, he escorts them to their room and assists them with whatever information they may need. Various hotels have their own policy on what they want their bell boy to do and say. A description of the area's attractions might be asked of the bell boys, as well as information about the whereabouts of services guests may need.

During Stay

He may be required to run various errands for guests, such as ordering them food and calling other services to the guests' rooms. He may carry their laundry to the laundry room and then return it to the room. The bell boy often answers phone calls for guests and passes along messages. Errands could also include issues that arise in the daily operation of a hotel. For example, he may be required to change a light bulb.

After Stay

When guests leave, he thanks them and usually asks them to stay at the hotel again. He opens the front door as they leave and carries their luggage to the car or taxi, which he may have called or whistled down for the guests. It's common for bell boys to be tipped at this point or at a point earlier in the guest's stay, though it isn't mandatory.

Skills and Education

Interpersonal skills are a must; he has to be a good communicator. Bell boys at respectable hotels are always dressed sharply and well groomed. He must be able to think on his feet and provide guests with information they need. Attentiveness and the ability to anticipate what the guests might need are essential. He has to be quick on his feet, as there could be several errands to run successively. High school education is necessary; employers ask that applicants have training in housekeeping or hotel work.

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