Lessons on Baby Moses for Preschoolers

Written by donna g. morton
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Lessons on Baby Moses for Preschoolers
A princess was very surprised by what she found in the reeds of the Nile River. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Moses was a Hebrew whose adventurous life began when he was a baby, rescued by an Egyptian princess after the basket he was in floated down the Nile River. His story begins in Exodus 2, teaching that he was mightily used by God to lead His people out of slavery. The lesson is that God has plans and protection for everyone. Many activities can help young children relate the lessons of the baby Moses story to their own lives.

Basket Snack

Tell the story of Moses' trip down the Nile while helping children wrap pieces of candy in triangular pieces of dinner roll dough. Dip them in melted butter and dredge them through a mixture of cinnamon and sugar before placing them on a baking tray to bake at 176 degrees Cor 15 minutes. The candy represents Moses, the dough is his basket, the butter is the river and the cinnamon-sugar blend is the sand his basket was safely pulled onto when he was rescued. The baking tray represents his new home with the princess. While the "baskets" are baking, ask the children what they think about God's rescue plan for Moses and encourage them to talk about ways God has protected them.

People God Works Through

The story of Moses' mother placing him a watertight basket and the princess rescuing him can show children that God puts people in their lives who provide things to keep them safe. Display a bicycle helmet, booster seat and other visuals and help children name people who protect them, such as parents, soldiers and firemen. This exercise intends to show that God is the ultimate source of protection, but often works through other people. It also shows that He has different plans for people and that they include helping others.

Baby Moses Skit

A skit doesn't require speaking parts for young children, provided an adult narrates. It can be as simple as each child making an appearance when the narrator mentions his character's name, or performing easy actions such as placing a doll in a basket. The cast would include Moses' mother, sister, the princess and her maidens. Boys can play the parts of the Egyptian pharaoh who ordered baby boys to be drowned in the river, Egyptian soldiers and an older Moses when the narrator speaks of him growing up as the princess' son. Working drama into the lesson encourages children to become familiar with the story; they will need to listen carefully so as not to miss their cue to perform.

Moses in a Basket Craft

There are several ways to make a craft of Baby Moses tucked inside his basket. The easiest is to have children assemble inexpensive mini baskets, tiny plastic babies and artificial grass purchased from a crafts store. There are also online paper templates of Moses and a basket that can be cut out, coloured, folded and glued together. Attach fluffy cattails to the baskets to represent the reeds that Moses' basket was found in and give another example of things used by God to help us. The reeds kept Moses hidden from sight but also stopped his downstream journey where the princess was bathing, allowing her to find him. Combing this craft with the lesson teaches that nature is full of resources that help people and animals. It shows that God has filled the world with many things to help all of His creation.

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