What cream is best to tighten the neck & decolletage?

Written by chris ciolli | 13/05/2017
What cream is best to tighten the neck & decolletage?
For a healthy appearance, firm up your neck and decolletage. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Focusing on your face and ignoring your neck and decolletage in your anti-ageing efforts can have alarming results -- a young face with an older "turkey" neck. Take equally good care of your face, neck and decolletage for an overall youthful appearance. The skin on your neck is thinner and drier than that of the face, making it especially susceptible to the stresses of daily living. Furthermore, the neck and decolletage are more often exposed to the sun, making them prone to skin damage from ultraviolet rays. Help keep your neck and decolletage youthful and tight with preventive sunscreen, moisturising and firming creams.

Retinoid Creams

The same prescription-strength retinoids, such as Retin-A, Renova and Tazorac, which help prevent and treat fine wrinkles on the face should also be used on the neck and decolletage for anti-ageing firming effects. Retinoids are vitamin A compounds that neutralise free radicals that break down skin cells and cause wrinkles. Over-the counter anti-ageing products contain retinoids in smaller dosages. Because retinoids make skin more sensitive to sun damage, always wear sunscreen to prevent further damage to your neck and decolletage.

Vitamin E Creams

Vitamin E creams are ideal for the younger woman whose neck and decolletage don't yet require heavy anti-ageing creams. Vitamin E neutralises the effects of free-radical damage that can make skin look older, and helps protect the delicate skin on the neck and bust from environmental factors. Young skin will look healthier and firmer with non-greasy moisture. Cosmetic companies like The Body Shop produce vitamin E products specifically for the neck.

Laser Treatment in a Jar

Creams like Kanebo Sensai Throat and Bust Lifting Effect are ideal for older women who already have a sagging turkey neck, but would prefer to avoid sugery. The "London Evening Standard" reports that Kanebo Sensai Throat and Bust Lifting Effect encourages lipolysis or the break down of fatty deposits in the neck and bust, without damaging the sensitive, thin skin. The product also promotes collagen production.

Peptide and Antioxidant Creams

Creams containing peptides or heptapeptides, such as Dr. Brandt Time Arrest V-Zone Neck Cream, help tighten turkey neck by enhancing collagen and firming skin on the surface. Still other creams contain copper peptides, which enhance wound-healing, stimulate collagen production and may boost the benefits of antioxidants, according to MayoClinic.com. Purchasing a cream that combines peptides with antioxidant ingredients like kinetin and tea extracts could be especially beneficial.

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