Things to Say to Get Kelly in "Mass Effect 2"

Written by doug vintage
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"Mass Effect 2" is an action role-playing game published by Electronic Arts and developed by BioWare. Players control Commander Shepard and are confronted with countless decisions that alter the outcome of the story. During Commander Shepard's journey, players are given the option to be romantically involved with certain characters. Kelly Chambers, a Cerberus Yeoman, is a potential romantic interest for both male and female players.

The Basics of Romance

Initiating a romance in "Mass Effect 2" is fairly simple. After each mission is completed, you are given the chance to speak to your party members. Speak to a member of your party that you want to be romantically involved with, choosing a flirtatious or suggestive dialogue option. Dialogue choices at the top of the dialogue tree are generally the most positive statements, while choices at the bottom are more negative. By choosing positive and flirtatious dialogue options after each mission, you will advance the relationship forward and will eventually be given the option to make the relationship official.

Flirting With Kelly Chambers

By choosing the dialogue options at the top of each dialogue tree, Kelly's romantic interest can be attained quite easily. Conversations with Kelly normally follow a very formal and professional tone. When the conversations begin to become more casual and playful, Kelly is well on her way to falling for Commander Shepard. After flirting with Kelly for several missions, you will be presented with the option to have a private dinner in the Captain's Cabin. When the dinner scene with Kelly is over, choose the dialogue option that involves feeding Shepard's fish. This scene must be acquired before the final mission in the game.

Rescuing Kelly

The final mission in the game ultimately determines whether or not Kelly Chambers and Commander Shepard can become romantically involved. Shepard is faced with the option to travel to the Omega 4 Relay right away or further prepare for the mission. Travel immediately to the Omega 4 Relay or Kelly will not survive. Complete the mission and Kelly's life will be saved. After viewing the ending credits, Kelly will ask to meet Shepard privately in the Captain's Cabin. Return to the cabin and use the intercom to invite Kelly into the room where the final romance scene takes place.

Future Effects

"Mass Effect 2" is unique in that players are able to carry over their events into the upcoming "Mass Effect 3." Commander Shepard has a photo of a love interest displayed in his room at the start of "Mass Effect 1." If Shepard chooses to become romantically involved with someone else, the photo frame is turned face down. Kelly Chambers is a romantic interest that does not result in the photo being turned over, but it still unknown if her encounters with Shepard will cause problems in "Mass Effect 3."

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