Corel Woodcut Effects

Written by xandra lynn | 13/05/2017
Corel Woodcut Effects
Woodcuts were used in early forms of printing because they could be reproduced easily. ( Images)

Creating woodcut effects with Corel Painter is a fairly simply task. These effects mimic artwork produced using traditional woodcut tools. A traditional woodcut is created by carving out an image or design from a block of wood with a knife and then applying ink to the uncut surface to create an image. In Corel Painter, it's as simple as applying a filter to a photo.

What is a woodcut?

Corel Woodcut Effects
Woodcuts were used throughout history. ( Images)

A woodcut is a fine art form that was used throughout history around the world to create art and designs. Woodcuts were once used in book printing processes wherever an image was required before being replaced by modern-day graphic design tools and printers. They are now done primarily as a fine art form. Woodcuts are created by carving a design into a block of wood, covering the surface of the wood with ink and then stamping or printing the block onto various papers.

Mimicking the effect of a woodcut in Corel Painter

Corel Painter, a graphic arts software, lets you create the illusion of woodcuts from a regular photograph. Simply open up a photograph or painting in Corel Painter and apply the woodcut filter. To do this, go to the "Effects" menu and select "Surface Control" and then "Woodcut." The option window for woodcuts will pop up, where you can adjust the thickness of your woodcut and choose black and white or colour and adjust other options for detail until you are satisfied with the results.

Black-and-white Woodcuts

Corel Painter lets you create black-and-white woodcuts from a colour photograph. When applying the woodcut effect, simply check the box "Output Black" and make sure the box "Output Color" is unchecked. Black-and-white woodcuts are the most commonly seen style of woodcut, because they require the use of only one colour ink to replicate an image.

Colour Woodcuts

Corel Woodcut Effects
Coloured woodcuts are created with additional steps such as painting or extra blocks cut for colour. ( Images)

Traditional colour woodcuts involve a secondary process. Either additional wood blocks are cut to specify where the colour ink will be applied, or another art medium such as paint is applied over the top of the original black-and-white woodcut print. Colour woodcuts can easily be created in Corel Painter with the push of a button. When applying the woodcut filter in Corel Painter, simply make sure the box for "Output Color" is checked and Painter will render your colours to correspond to the existing colours in your photograph or drawing.

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