Quaker Parrot Varieties

Written by cheryl starr
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Quaker Parrot Varieties
The Quaker parrot is also known as the monk parakeet. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

The Quaker parrot (Myiopsitta monachus) has the ability to mimic human voices and whistle. Bonding with the owner, Quakers are the most talkative of the smaller-sized parrots. Quaker parrots are sociable companions and are mechanically inclined, often discovering how to open cage doors. Check your state laws before purchasing one, as they are illegal in some states. There are several known Quaker parrot colour varieties available. All varieties have dark brown eyes.


The green variety of the Quaker parrot is the most common. Their foreheads, cheeks, chest and throat are pale grey. On the chest, the grey feathers are tipped with white, which presents a scalloped effect, according to Quaker Parrots online. A bit of blue can be found on the tip of the flight feathers and the tail. Adult Quaker parrot varieties feature a brighter shade of green than the younger varieties. Sex of Quakers cannot be determined by colour or by physically examining the parrot.

Quaker Parrot Varieties
Quaker parrots are also sometimes referred to as grey-breasted parakeet. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)


The blue variety of Quaker parrot is becoming more available in America. There has been much discussion about the differences between blue and green Quaker parrots, except for the price. Green Quaker parrots are the least expensive of the varieties, as it is the most common. Blue Quaker parrots are powder blue with yellow or light green on the lower body. The beak is orange, as compared with the horn-coloured beak with the green Quakers. Blue varieties have a long, tapered tail. They are outgoing and also bond with their owners. It is best to let the bird choose you, instead of you choosing the bird.

Yellow, Pearls and White

The yellow and white Quaker parrot varieties are extremely rare. These colour varieties are found in Quaker parrot breeders online, such as Quakerman online, or your local pet store owner might know a local Quaker breeder. Pearl Quaker parrot varieties are solid yellow with grey feathers intermixed with the yellow all over the parrot's body.

Cinnamon and Cinnamon Pieds

Cinnamon and cinnamon pied varieties of Quaker parrots are lime green and light yellow. The name is due to the dark cinnamon eyes. The flight feathers and tail feathers can still be blue or teal green with a tapered shape. Male light-yellow cinnamons often have white feathers on their flanks.

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