The best furniture floor protectors that stick to hardwood

Updated April 17, 2017

The best floor protectors for your hardwood furniture are uniquely suited to your floor-protection needs. Protectors can be either permanently adhesive or made from materials that adhere temporarily when placed in contact with the furniture's hard surface. Floor protectors for hardwood furniture are designed to provide protection for either carpeted surfaces or hard-surface floors. You can also choose from among different furniture floor protectors based on whether you move your furniture regularly or keep it in one place.

Felt Pads

Felt pads are some of the most inexpensive floor protectors that adhere permanently to hardwood furniture. They are designed to protect hardwood floors from the scratches and dings that bare wooden furniture legs can create when they move or scrape the floor's surface. Felt pads are either disc- or square-shaped, and they come in neutral colours, such as grey or taupe. Felt furniture pads have a sticky glue that is exposed once you remove the protective backing, and they are applied directly to the bottom of furniture feet. They are best suited for wooden chairs and furniture with small feet.

Leg Coasters

Furniture leg coasters are made from plastic shaped in broad, shallow cups on top of which furniture legs sit. They are designed to eliminate damage to flooring -- principally hardwood floors, but they can also be used on carpeted surfaces. Leg coasters have no permanent adhesive. They are designed to "cup" furniture feet and evenly distribute the weight of heavy wood furniture so that flooring is saved from damage.

Nonslip Furniture Covers

Rubberised nonslip furniture-feet covers are good for use on furniture with narrow, angled legs. Unlike felt adhesive furniture pads, rubberised nonslip covers prevent furniture from migrating across hardwood floors, while protecting the floor from scratches and dings. They can be adhered permanently to furniture legs with a nail and washer or with a strong adhesive, such as wood glue or superglue.

Furniture Sleds

Furniture sleds are available for use on either hardwood or carpeted surfaces. They are positioned underneath furniture feet to allow the furniture to glide across either hardwood or carpeted floors without damaging either surface. Furniture sleds can also be used on ceramic tile, concrete and laminate. Look for furniture sleds that adhere permanently according to the type of flooring you need to protect.

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