Replacement Batteries for Ryobi Tools

Updated March 23, 2017

Ryobi manufactures a wide range of portable power tools. However, unlike some manufacturers, Ryobi limits the number of design types of batteries, making it easier to get replacements, as several batteries of the same type are interchangeable between tools. While you can get other less expensive brands of battery that will fit your Ryobi tool, it's sensible to buy a genuine Ryobi replacement, as doing so protects your power tool's warranty.

18 Volt ONE+

Ryobi has developed three types of 18 volt batteries in their ONE+ series. Each of the three types has distinct differences, enabling you to select the best battery for your requirements. The 18 volt NiCd battery is the less expensive version. The battery provides extended run time compared to previous versions. The other two ONE+ batteries use lithium ion technology. One is compact, the other an extended run time battery. Both are lighter, keep their charge longer and provide 20 per cent more power than the NiCd battery. All the batteries are compatible with every Ryobi 18 volt power tool.

12 Volt Lithium Ion Battery

Continuous improvements in battery technology have resulted in lithium ion batteries replacing many NiCd batteries. The 12 volt lithium ion battery pack is compatible with all of Ryobi's 12 volt power tools. The battery is 58 per cent lighter than its predecessor and 40 per cent smaller, but lasts longer and produces more energy. It also has a built in battery monitor, so you know exactly when you need to recharge your battery.

24 Volt Lithium Ion Battery

The Ryobi 24 volt lithium ion battery powers Ryobi's more powerful tools. The battery has a built-in battery monitor, so you know when to recharge it. It also has a charge level indicator so you know how quickly it's charging and it generally only takes about one hour to fully charge. It last up to four times longer than a comparable NiCd battery.

Twin Pack Batteries

Ryobi produces twin-pack batteries thus ensuring you always have a replacement battery nearby, if the other goes dead. You can purchase twin NiCd and twin lithium ion packs. They are compatible with Ryobi's dual chemistry charging unit, meaning you can charge a lithium ion battery in the same charger as a NiCd battery.

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