Recycled Rubber Paver Blocks

Updated February 21, 2017

Recycled rubber paver blocks are a new alternative to traditional paving materials. They have many structural advantages that can make them a better choice for certain applications. They are available in a wide range of colours and specifications. Best of all, they are ecologically guilt-free, as they are made from waste materials.


Recycled rubber paver blocks are manufactured from ground-up waste rubber, the most plentiful source of which is used tires. The blocks can range in thickness from very thin sheets to thick pavers nearly four inches high. The material can be very dense to provide a durable, long-lasting surface, or much less dense to provide a cushioning effect. While most commonly manufactured as squares, some rubber paver blocks come in interlocking shapes for easy assembly and installation.


Recycled rubber pavers are suitable for many applications. They work well as a surface for both indoor and outdoor play areas. They can provide an easily cleaned surface for animal walkways and bedding, particularly for horse barns and kennels. They are also useful in deck surfacing, walkways, and garden paths and as flooring material for exercise spaces.


Recycled rubber paver blocks are easy to install. They do not require pouring, and the modular nature of the product allows for easy estimation of the amount needed to cover a surface. They are eco-friendly, as rubber paver blocks remove excess waste tires from landfills and put them to good use. The forgiving nature of the rubber surface makes it a safe material, particularly for flooring for children and the elderly and in areas where there is the risk of long drops or falls. Recycled rubber pavers can be ordered in custom colours and shapes, so they are versatile. They can be manufactured to be flexible, and so can be a more resilient surface over tree roots than traditional paving materials.


Rubber paver blocks do not appear as natural as stone paving materials. Like all paving materials, recycled rubber pavers will eventually degrade, and their colours will fade with time. They are harder to find than traditional paving materials, and may have to be ordered online. Since recycled paver blocks are modular, debris will accumulate in the seams as they are trafficked, and this can be difficult to remove.

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