Factors Affecting Reading Development

Updated November 21, 2016

Many variables affect a student's ability to learn to read. Teachers and parents can work with children to ensure that they develop the necessary skills to become good readers. With practice and effort students can increase their reading fluency and comprehension while steadily reading more complex text. Working on various skills in the classroom and at home will prepare students for a lifetime of good reading skills and habits.

Phonological Processing

Learning the sounds letters make to form words is an important skill in decoding or learning to read. If a student does not become familiar with phonics and learning how to sound out letters, she will have a difficult time learning how to read. Letters are blended to form words, and this is the structure of reading development.

Vocabulary Knowledge

Studying vocabulary words and learning the meanings of these words, as well as how they are used in sentences, is essential when learning to read. Not only does a student need to know the meaning of a word, but he also needs to know how to spell the word and become acquainted with the connotation of the word. Many words have multiple meanings, and the reading student needs to be aware of this and the context words will be used in. Reading becomes difficult when a student does not have knowledge of vocabulary words.

Syntactic Processing

Speaking words to form sentences and having an understanding of what that sentence means sums up syntactic processing. Understanding the structure of the English language and making the connection between words lead to reading comprehension. These are necessary skills when learning how to read, and students need an understanding of past and present tense as well as connecting words such as "and," "but," "with" and "therefore" that bring text together.

Background Knowledge

Introducing text to students by reading to them on a daily basis in the classroom helps facilitate the literacy development of students. When students are familiar with stories and understand how text is constructed to form a story, they gain knowledge that leads to increased reading skills.

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