Cold War Mod in "Hearts of Iron 2"

Written by robert godard
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Cold War Mod in "Hearts of Iron 2"
Compete for global domination in Hearts of Iron 2 (Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images)

"Hearts of Iron II" is a strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive for the PC in 2005. The player takes control of 1 of 175 nations and guides its development throughout World War II. Though the main game takes place between 1936 and 1947, the "Cold War Mod" extends gameplay into the early 1950s after World War II was over.


The "Cold War Mod" offers only three nations to choose from, representing the major alliances that emerged after World War II. These are the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Warsaw Pact, which includes the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries, and The League of Arab States, which includes many countries in the Middle East. These three alliances were at the heart of Cold War conflict after World War II, which is why they have been selected for this mod.


The "Cold War Mod" focuses on the nuclear threat that faced the world following World War II. Therefore, much of the gameplay is geared toward nuclear development, and defence from potential nuclear attack. You can choose to either try to protect the world from global destruction or start the nuclear winter yourself by putting all of your nation's resources toward military technology and becoming the dominant force in the world.


One of the characteristics that you can define as a leader in "Hearts of Iron 2" is the ideology of your nation. The "Cold War Mod" has ideology groups that fit the Cold War period better than the ones designated for World War II. This includes Communist, Maoist, Social Democrat, Social Liberal, Market Liberal, Ultra Liberal, Dictator and Neo Nazi. These ideology groups are meant to replicate the competing ideologies of the post-World War II period.

Soviet Edition

One sub-mod that has been developed for the "Cold War Mod" is called the "Soviet Edition." This sub-mod focuses entirely on the Soviet Union, which is the nation that you will either be controlling or competing against. The GUI (Graphic User Interface) and in-game music have also been changed to fit the USSR-themed mod. Other than this, gameplay was not changed dramatically and follows the same rules and time period as the "Cold War Mod."

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