The Good Samaritan Crafts

In Luke 10:25-37, Jesus tells the Parable of the Good Samaritan. While testing Jesus, an expert of the law asks him what one must do to inherit eternal life. After quoting the law's exhortation to "love your neighbour as yourself," Jesus provides a picture of what it truly means to love your neighbour. As children learn about the parable of the Good Samaritan, have them create crafts to help them remember to love their neighbours and show kindness to others.

First Aid Kits

Because the parable of the Good Samaritan involves helping someone who is hurt, have children create first aid kits so they are always equipped to help others. Place adhesive bandages in an envelope and have children decorate the outside of the envelope with the phrase "I can be a good Samaritan" or "I can help my neighbour." Take the concept a little further and help children create a first aid kit for themselves that contains reminders about loving their neighbours. In a snack-sized plastic bag, include chocolate kisses and hugs to remind children that everyone needs hugs and kisses and a picture of praying hands to remind them to pray for others.

Good Samaritan Awards

Children can create Good Samaritan awards to give to each other. Have children design their own certificates using computer paper, special stickers and gold or silver markers or glitter pens. On the certificates, students write the name of the person receiving the award and what that person did to be a Good Samaritan. Have children cover circles of cardboard with aluminium foil and use a black permanent marker to create Good Samaritan medals. Punch a hole in the medal and string ribbon through it so it can be worn. Children give awards for not littering, praying for a neighbour, walking a neighbour's dog and other nice actions.

Kindness Crafts

Have children make crafts that remind them to show kindness to others. Children create a poster listing all of the ways to show kindness to others. For a more interactive activity, cut out flower petals and list on each petal something the child can do to show kindness to others, such as sharing, being patient, smiling at someone who looks sad or doing a chore for someone. Glue a circle to a wooden craft stick to represent the middle of the flower. As the week goes on, have children complete their flowers by gluing on petals when they complete the act of kindness written on that petal.

Memory Verse Crafts

It is important for children to learn memory verses to help store up the word of God in their hearts. Through the story of the Good Samaritan, children learn a portion of Luke 10:27, "Love your neighbour as yourself." Have children draw a picture of a house and write that portion of the verse at the top of the picture. Tel children to find pictures in magazines of people helping others and cut out those pictures to make a collage. On the collage, have children write the second half of Luke 10:37, "Jesus told him, 'Go and do likewise,'" to remind them to love others.

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