My Orchid Is Wilted: What Do I Do?

Written by melody hughes
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My Orchid Is Wilted: What Do I Do?
Watering orchids properly keeps them beautiful. ( Images)

Orchids require little care. They can grow inside the home or on a sheltered patio. Orchid blooms may last for three months at a time. Some orchids bloom continuously in cycles while others only bloom once per year. Wilting may indicate a problem with the plant's care.


Orchids wilt if watered too much because the excess water leads to root rot. Orchids need water about once or twice per week. Indoor orchids require water only once per week while outdoor orchids need water twice per week during warmer weather. Water orchids in the morning, according to Chemicals present in softened water may wilt and kill an orchid. If your water is chemically softened, use bottled water instead. Orchids may also wilt if watered too little. Examine the plant's roots. If the roots are firm, the plant may need more water. If the roots are mushy, the plant needs less water.


Don't plant orchids in potting soil. Orchids grow in moss or bark mix instead. Repot orchids once every 1 or 2 years, because moss and bark decompose. Potting mix formulated especially for orchids at are available at department and home improvement stores.


Orchids may wilt if they do not get enough natural sunlight. Orchid leaves should be bright green, according to Beautiful Orchids. If the leaves are dark green, the orchid needs more sunlight. If the leaves are reddish green, the orchid needs less sunlight. Place orchids near a window but not directly in sunlight. A window with sheer curtains is ideal, according to Beautiful Orchids.

Other Tips

Ethylene gas from ripe fruits can cause an orchid to wilt. If your orchid is near a bowl of ripe fruit, move it to another location. The Orchid Lady advises that severely wilted plants be repotted and all dead or decaying roots removed. Add fertiliser to your orchid's pot once every two weeks right after watering, according to Beautiful Orchids recommends choosing a fertiliser specially formulated for orchids containing the proper mix of phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen and iron. Look for orchid fertilisers at department stores and home improvement stores.

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