The definitions of text message abbreviations

Written by shelly barclay
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The definitions of text message abbreviations
Text messages allow private conversations in crowded areas. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Text messaging is a popular method of communicating by cellphone. Most cellphones allow only brief messages, and people typically text while they are going about their daily lives. Therefore, people have come up with abbreviations for text messaging so that sending them is faster. Some of these abbreviations are common. Others are codes for people who do not want interested parties to know what their text messages mean.

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Acronyms are a series of letters that stand for the first letters of a phrase or name. They can greatly shorten the length of text messages, so people reduce some common phrases to acronyms in text messaging. The most popular are lol, lmbo, rofl, brb, ctn, bbl, gb, btw, fyi, idk, jk. Lol stands for laugh out loud, lmbo for laughing my butt off and rofl for rolling on the floor laughing. Brb is the acronym for be right back, ctn is can't talk now, bbl is be back later and gb is goodbye. Btw is by the way. Fyi is for your information. Idk is I don't know, and jk is just kidding.


Codes are acronyms, words and number/word combinations that teenagers use in texts so that their parents do not know what they are saying. Some of the most deviant text codes are pron, A/S/L, doc, gyppo, its, iwsn, lhso, lmirl, nifoc, paw and tdtm. Pron is code for porn, a/s/l for age/sex/location, doc for drug of choice, gyppo for get your trousers off, its for intense text sex, iwsn for I want sex now, lhso for let's have sex online, lmirl for let's meet in real life, nifoc for nude in front of computer and tdtm for talk dirty to me. Paw is code for parents are watching. Remember, these codes are always evolving. It is important for parents to keep up to date on the codes teens are using.


Sometimes just one letter stands for a similar sounding word in text messages. The two most common examples are c for see and u for you. In text acronyms, b typically stands for be. Sometimes, k is short for OK.


Some numbers in text stand for similar sounding words or they are parts of symbols. People also may combine them with letters. The No. 8 means ate. If an h precedes the 8, it means hate. If the letters gr precede the 8, it means great. A right facing angle bracket followed by a 3 is a heart. Sometimes the text service turns that symbol into a heart. The No. 2 often stands for to, as in 2 nite, which means tonight.

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