Games for first holy communion

Updated April 17, 2017

First Holy Communion is a sacrament Catholics practice that normally occurs when children are seven or eight years old. It is an initiation rite that introduces them as full members of the Catholic Church where the child consumes bread and wine as the body and blood of Jesus Christ. It is also known as the Eucharist and is the remembrance of Christ's Last Supper. A range of age-appropriate games and activities can be used to prepare children for their First Communion.


Children can learn about Holy Communion and have fun at the same time by playing word search puzzles, word scrambles and crossword puzzles. You can find puzzles online. The puzzle's difficulty should depend on the child's age: younger children can search for words like "cross," "altar," "pray," "bread" and "wine." Older children can search for longer words like "sacrament," "Eucharist" and " benediction." Puzzles activities can be educational and fun.

Flash Cards

Cut out rectangular pieces of card about 2" x 4". On one side write a word that is connected to Holy Communion. On the other side write an explanation of that word. Keep the explanation simple as a child is not going to remember or understand in-depth sentences about topics like consecration. Let your child practice with these and then play a game where they pick one of the cards and explain what it means. Give them praise or a small reward if they get most of them correct.


Most children enjoy making things, so help them make rosaries from beads and string, and make crucifixes from craft wood. Give them verses to copy and show them how to make prayer cards. Many downloadable colouring pages related to Holy Communion are available so let them colour while they become familiar with the ritual of Holy Communion. They can also make their own Communion posters.

Role Playing

Little girls enjoy dressing dolls in a white communion dress and acting out the process of First Holy Communion. Boys may prefer to act out the process with hand puppets or stick figures they can make themselves, or if there are several children one can play the role of the priest. Encourage your child to role play the Communion process, whether it is with dolls, figures or their friends, and help them understand what the process represents.

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