Most profitable concession stand foods

Written by annabelle rose | 13/05/2017
Most profitable concession stand foods
Concession stands offer lucrative sales. (Steve Mason/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Concession stands present a lucrative opportunity for those on a tight budget who wish to start a business. A longtime staple of movie theatres, sporting events, concerts and outdoor festivals, concession stand foods provide guests a convenient opportunity to grab a quick snack or meal. Owning a concession stand can be quite profitable, especially when the owner is aware of which foods rake in the most money.


Most profitable concession stand foods
Popcorn makes a delicious treat. (Thinkstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

The irresistible aroma of fresh kernels popping in hot oil seems to radiate for miles. And once you pick up this buttery, salty snack, putting it down seems almost impossible. Fortunately, popcorn happens to be one of the most profitable concession stand foods. On average, selling just 20 servings a day -- at the cost of 60p per serving -- for one year, will yield a profit of £3,790.8.


Most profitable concession stand foods
Candyfloss is a fun treat for kids as well as adults. (Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Brightly coloured candyfloss, in its sugary sweetness, is just as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the taste buds. This nostalgic, sticky treat is a delight to both kids and adults. The cost of candyfloss ingredients is minimal, and the cost of a candyfloss machine is relatively low, compare to the profit this snack generally yields. A yearly profit of £3,931.2 may be earned by averaging a sale of 20 servings of candyfloss per day, at 60p per serving.

Candy Apples

Most profitable concession stand foods
Candy apples are a popular concession food. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Candy apples are a highly profitable concession food. The delicious crunch of a candy coated apple provides an unforgettable experience. A toffee apple is an apple that has been coated with a sweet, sticky syrup that has hardened. Candy apples are served skewered on a stick. By averaging 20 candy apples per day at 90p apiece, a yearly profit of £5,616.00 may be earned.

Snow Cones

Most profitable concession stand foods
Snow cones cool off hot patrons. (SW Productions/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Snow cones are a popular treat on hot summer days. This snack satisfies a craving for a sweet icy treat. Even though they are made with simple ingredients -- crushed ice and flavoured syrup -- snow cones almost sell themselves on sweltering days in the sun. £3,884.4 can be made per year, if sales average 20 per day, at 90p each.

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