Tricks about egg cleansings

Written by sarah mcleod
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Tricks about egg cleansings
Black hens are believed to produce the best eggs for cleansing rituals. (John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Many pagan beliefs follow cleansing rituals that show another life-giving purpose for eggs besides food provision. Eggs in their pure and whole form represent the potential for life. On the spiritual realm, believers think that just as eggs produce life, they can draw energy from life. Negative influences inhibiting the development of a physically or emotionally ill person will direct their energies to the developing egg, thereby, cleansing the sick person.

Egg Reading

Mesoamerican Native American shamanic healers use raw eggs and incense smoke to cleanse people of negative auras. The process is initiated by blowing smoke over a person and rubbing an egg over every part of his body. Healing, however, does not end after this. The energised egg is then cracked in water and the formation of the yolk is read. The egg is alleged to be able to alert shamans to the current physical, emotional and psychological life conditions of a client. The shaman can then relate his findings to a client to help him see his life from a clear, nonjudgmental, third party perspective.

Christian Influence

Some healers incorporate the Christian practice of making the sign of the cross while using eggs to cleanse people. One healer of notes using an egg to cleanse a child of fever, but instead of rubbing the egg on his body, it was held above him in the right hand of the conjuror. In the healer's left hand was a cross. While hovering the egg above the child's energy centres, the conjuror repeatedly made the sign of the cross calling for divine intervention while simultaneously pulling out the illness into the egg. Energy centres were the top of the head, nose, lips, heart, armpits, belly, knees and feet soles. When the cracked egg was dumped, the illness was discarded with it.

Trick of Time

Occult healers recommend that people who cannot afford to seek help from a professional healer use whole eggs to cleanse themselves. They can do this without knowing how to make special powders or oils to protect their hands, nor do they have to know specific prayers or chants to recite. Interested persons need only have time and patience. They can put an egg in water and place it under their beds for nine nights. During this time, the egg will draw all negative influences from the sleeper, including illness, black magic influences from others, jinxes and general bad luck. On the 10th day, the egg is burst at a crossroads.

Type of Egg

Some healers believe that any kind of egg can be used regardless of animal origin or colour. Certain animals, however, are considered to lay eggs that are more powerful for cleansing purposes. These include black hens, black frizzly hens or eggs from any frizzled bird. In the event that a healer is working in an urban environment and does not have access to specific bird eggs, he may ask a client to bring an egg. An egg carried by the client is already drawing spiritual energy from the person before a cleansing session begins.

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