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Updated November 21, 2016

Manson Precision Reamers produces a wide range of gunsmithing tools. Despite the name, Manson Precision Reamers manufactures much more than chambering reamers. The company makes tools for any number of gunsmithing applications, from recrowning the barrels on worn muzzleloading rifles to precision tools for gunsmithing revolvers and shotguns.

Finishers and Roughers

Manson Precision Reamers offer finishing and roughing tools for a wide range of calibres and chamber types. From rimless .22 calibre models up through a variety of pistol and rifle loads, Manson Precision Reamers finishers and roughers can fine-tune many different makes and models of firearms. The tools aren't limited to standard chamberings either-- Manson offers tools for guns chambered in "wildcat" or customised loads.

Revolver Tooling Reamer

Noted in the 2011 edition of Gun Digest by Dan Shideler as a tool "sure to make revolversmith's lives more convenient," the Manson revolver tooling reamer gives gunsmiths working on revolvers a stable, easy way to both true and corner a barrel at the same time. Three separate reamers go to work in this two-handed device to smooth and refinish revolver barrels and chambers with minimal fuss.

Shotgun Tools

Manson doesn't limit its production to rifle or pistol tools. The company manufactures a trove of tools designed specifically for working on shotguns. Screw-in choke tooling implements are available for 12 and 20 gauge shotguns. Long forcing cone reamers are available, too, as well as chambering reamers in gauges from .410 on up through 12. Additionally, Manson Precision Reamers offers bore reamers, barrel wall thickness gauges, shotgun bushings and other tools for fine-tuning and modifying shotguns.

Military Rifle Muzzle Re-Crowning Kit

Designed for shooters who may not need a full recrowning kit, this economical offering by Manson allows gunsmiths to easily and quickly recrown rifle barrels. This can tremendously improve the accuracy of older rifles. The military rifle muzzle recrowning kit is a basic kit that offers only the tools absolutely necessary to recrown damaged rifles. The tools in the kit are compatible with other recrowning tools offered by Manson.

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