Different Breeds of Leopard Geckos

Updated February 21, 2017

Leopard geckos, or Eublepharis macularius, are a species of relatively docile, smaller geckos that reach about 6 to 8 inches and are commonly found in the pet trade. The typical leopard gecko is light yellow and white with black spots, but there are a number of breeds available. The breeds are distinguished by different colour morphs, which are different colour patterns achieved by breeding different coloured leopard geckos together.

Blizzard Lizards

Blizzard leopard geckos are bright white with no spots. They almost look albino, but do not have red eyes. They come in three varieties. The standard blizzard lizard is pure white, the blazing blizzard gecko is pure white with red rings around its eyes, while the banana blizzard lizard is white with a yellow tint.

High Yellow and Pastel

High yellow leopard geckos are a designer leopard gecko that don't have black spots. Instead, they have yellow spots giving the lizard an overwhelmingly yellow appearance. Pastel leopard geckos are similar, but their black spots have been replaced by tan spots.


Jungle leopard geckos have extremely exuberant patterns, with stripes of yellow and pink that sometimes run straight down their backs and at other times run in waves. Black spots typically run along the edges of the stripes. They also all have broken white tail rings.


Bold striped leopard geckos are known for having large black spots which are so large that they overlap each other, forming what appear to be bold, black stripes that run along their backs. These stripes may also appear as bold black rings on the lizard's head.


Tangerine leopard geckos are bright yellow and lack black spots. Instead, they have bright yellow spots on the body and bright orange markings on the tail, giving them a tangerine-colour.


Lavender geckos do not have distinctive patterns and, like the blizzard leopard geckos, have a solid colour. They are pink with a purple hue, giving them a distinctive lavender colour.


Ghost leopard geckos almost look albino. They have saturated white bodies with faded black stripes, giving them a ghostly appearance. According to, they are distinctive in that they look like they're preparing to shed their skin.


Rainwater geckos have stripes that look like streaking rain down the side of their bodies. They have white bellies with yellow, purple and orange upper bodies and no distinctive spotting.

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