Flower Beds Designed With Letters Made of Flowers

Updated November 21, 2016

Letter flower beds can add flair to a yard and assist with drainage problems. They can be designed with virtually any flower. However, annuals are typically used by gardeners for this purpose. Flower beds designed with letters made of flowers are not difficult to construct and will add character to your current landscape.


Generate curb appeal, harvest fresh-cut flowers and provide a natural habitat for wildlife with this type of flower bed. Letter flower beds provide a message using flowers as the artistic medium. For example, plant a letter flower bed spelling the name of an expected baby arrival to the family using all pink or all blue flowers.


Select flowers suitable for the current climate and growing zone. Time the planting of the flower bed for the flowers to bloom at a specific time period. For example, autumn blooming flowers are ideal for a flower bed of letters spelling out the phrase "Happy Halloween."

Types of Flowers

Plant garden beds of flowers for letters with annual flowers. This allows gardeners the opportunity to change the flowers to create new letters, words and phrases.

Use spring-blooming bulbs if the flower letters present a message that can be permanent. These will bloom yearly. Separate bulbs as needed and create more new letter gardens or decorate bare spots in the yard. For example, bulbs spelling the family's last name create a permanent letter flower bed requiring little gardening maintenance.


Plan and design the flower bed on paper prior to planting. Measure the size of the growing area for the gardening project. Take into consideration the full size of the flowers and planting space required between plants. The types of plants selected and growing area will determine the size of the letters. Spell out the letters first using flour; preplanning will prevent running out of space for the desired number of letters.

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